Who We Are

The AMOS Institute of Public Life is a training and education organization affiliated with A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS). AMOS IPL is committed to equipping ordinary people with the skills they need to be effective leaders in their workplace, in their congregations and in their communities.

Most of us are intimidated or turned off by the idea of developing a “public life.” It reeks of politics, and politics in America today is a dirty word.

AMOS IPL, through training and on the ground education and action, teaches ordinary citizens how they can be more effective at making change in a proactive and positive manner thereby recovering the nobility and virtue of public life.

Rooted in the organizing tradition of the nation’s oldest and largest organizing network, the Industrial Areas Foundation, AMOS IPL has trained hundreds of central Iowa residents in the skills and practices of effective citizenship.

AMOS IPL leaders have changed systems of health care, the local labor market, the budgeting process of local cities and transformed the cultures of their congregations to be more effective at outreach and mission.

You can do that too. Contact us today to learn more about upcoming training sessions or to schedule an “Institute on Public Life” at your church, synagogue, mosque, neighborhood association or service agency.