What is Broad-Based Organizing?

What is Broad-Based Community Organizing? How is it Different from Other Forms of Social Change?

Broad based organizing is distinct from other forms of social change.  As practiced over the last 60 years by the local affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation, it is a “relational” and “institutional” approach to social change that relies on the local knowledge of ordinary citizens to drive policy change and craft solutions to some of our most vexing social problems. 

Whether it’s the effectiveness of our local labor market, the administration of justice for the juveniles of our community or the ways in which health care is provided to our most vulnerable citizens, the IAF approach to social change involves the voices of the people affected by the problem in shaping its solution. 

Rooted in the “iron rule–never do for others what they can do for themselves, the IAF believes in the inherent dignity and self worth of the individual and their capacity to determine the destiny of their own communities.

This workshop teaches the particular approach to social change embodied by the leaders of AMOS.  If you are interested in learning how you can be a more effective agent of change, this workshop is for you.  Contact us to learn more.