Learning the Craft of Building and Sustaining Public Relationships

All organizing is relational.  All human organization relies upon relationships of trust.  Despite the truth of those statements, many congregations, service organizations, non-profits, our local neighborhoods and schools have fallen out of the practice of intentional relationship building.  Too many have become bureaucratic, programmatic and instrumental in their approach to their mission.  As a result we are increasingly isolated from one another, less trustful of our neighbors and more apt to fall prey to fear and demagoguery.

The antidote to this social isolation is re-learning the art and craft of building and sustaining public relationships.  For over 50 years the dedicated staff and leadership of the local organizations of the IAF, like AMOS,  have been teaching and practicing one to one, face to face, relational meetings.

We can teach this practice to your organization or institution.  The results are transformative.

Chambers – Roots for Radicals, Relational Meetings

 Notes on Relational Meetings (PDF)