Creating Effective Ministries of Justice

We are called in the church and the synagogue to “love mercy and do justice.” We have demonstrated success and a proven track record of developing effective ministries of mercy in the areas of food, shelter and clothing, but what about equally effective ministries of justice? Can we point to the ministries in our congregations that intentionally ask the questions of “Why are they hungry?” and “Why do they need shelter and clothing?” The lay leaders and professional staff of A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy (AMOS) have been teaching institutional leaders how to create effective ministries of justice for nearly 20 years in central Iowa.

What does an AMOS leadership team look like in a congregation and how does it work? Our effectiveness is borne out by our proven track record of success including:

  • Greatly expanding the charity care policies of our state’s two largest health systems
  • Winning millions of dollars in flood control efforts for a southeast neighborhood of Des Moines
  • Moving dozens of impoverished central Iowans off the welfare rolls and into living wage jobs through our workforce development initiative, Project IOWA

Come learn more about how you can create ministries of justice in your congregation through the practical and skilled advice of veteran AMOS leaders.